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According to your needs we are able to deliver a ready-for-sale and ready to use product.

Cooling System For Medical Purposes

Prolution likes to think along! Next to the production of semi-finished products, like PCBA’s, wiring and housings, we go one step further and, if wished, can also take care of the production of your final product.  We also like to think along with you to make improvements to your final product.

Haptic Dongle

Changeble battery charger

Prolution is also able to produce your complete final product. Because of our years of experience in this branch by our employees, we are able to fully take care of your product. But how do we manage this?

We see ourselves as project directors: You have got an idea of a product that needs to be developed further. De directing of this product development can be fully managed by us. We keep our communication lines short and clear, so you are still directly involved in the process, but don’t have to manage all the contacts with suppliers, Buyers etc.

We always ask ourself these questions:

  1. What exactly are your needs?
  2. How did this need develop?
  3. What are the problems you are facing?
  4. What solution can we think of for you?
  5. How can we develop this further, in a way that the product satisfies your needs?
  6. What is the final wished result, and how do we get to this result together?

During the whole process there is a close cooperation with our customer. You will decide how much of the directing you want to manage yourself. Would you like to know more about this process? Feel free to contact one of our colleagues so that we can look together how we can be of service for you.

Fully Traceable Lock With App Remote.

Because of a skillfull combination of mechanics and elektronics, we are able to deliver good products with an unique look. Next to the product itself, we are also able to produce the installation materials, membrame foils, manuals and packaging for you. Which of course is very efficient and clear! We also like to pay attention to the IP-Classification of your product (This indicates the protection degrees of casings).

In our portfolio we are showing some products in which Prolution has participated.

For questions, please contact us on +31 (0) 528 340502 (also available via WhatsApp) or send an email to

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