Prolution delivers PCBA’s for a wide range of products, in every desired amount. We are capable of the assembly of almost all types of prints, From the most simple to the most complex PCBA’s. For this we use advanced machines for processing of so called SMD’s. Different techniques are used for making the PCBA’s: SMT (Surface Mount Technologie) and THT (Through Hole Technology). To make sure the products are high-quality, we use AOI sytems for inspection and if needed we also have the possibility to use X-Ray. For functional tests of products we offer the possibility of customer-specific test-equipment with the help of testfixtures.

All PCBA’s we produce are lead-free, but if desired we can also produce PCBA’s with lead for the markets where this is still allowed (We also only deliver these PCBA’s to markets where PCBA’s with lead are still allowed) In our Portfolio you can find examples of a handfull of PCBA’s that Prolution produces at this moment. The next subject is about the different techniques we use.

Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology is a technology to place SMD components on bare boards. varying from 0102 to BGA’s. Prolution processes the SMD components trough the reflow process, single- and dubblesided, and also trough glueing and wave-soldering. All processing steps are excecuted automatically. Prolution uses the newest high-end production lines for this.

Through Hole Technology

Next to SMD technology Prolution also processes Through Hole components. These components are, tailored to your needs, processed manually with great precision , with selective soldering and also wave-soldering.

SMD Production Lines

Prolution uses high-end production lines at mutliple locations. On these locations every form of complexity can be processed without a restriction of capacity. The production is devided according to the need of the product and amount, that way the product gets the right amount of attention and care.

Optic Inspection
Inspection Devices

All Prolution made Products are visually inspected with AOI Systems and or X-Ray. Where possible products will also be functionally tested. Functional tests can be executed on testing-systems supplied by the customer or testing-systems made by Prolution.

We also have the possibility to coat the prints. Which will be done in a professional fully-automatic coating-line.

For questions, please contact us on +31 (0) 528 340502 (also available via WhatsApp) or send an email to info@prolution.nl.

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