Prolution, Your unique Electronic Solution Provider.

Prolution is an unique, flexible, solution focused supplier of electronics, mechanics and full product solutions, with attention and focus for your wishes. Of course we also deliver semi-finished products, like PCBA’s, wiring and housings. But we like to go one step further, we won’t only focus on production, but also on improving your product.

High-quality products and clear communication.

Prolution has an unique approach, especially when it comes to integration of PCBA’s and their housings. When you choose Prolution, you don’t only choose for quality, clear and direct communication,  quick and effecient production of your product but also for an innovative partner that likes to think along with you on improving your product. Where you are open for change, Prolution is able to optimise your product! Feel free to contact us and call us on +31(0)528 34 05 02 or send an email to

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