About Prolution

Advice and Engineering

We are happy to help you with the improvement en optimisation of your product or with developing a fully new product. Everything in consult with the customer for an optimal product. 

Purchase Department

Our purchase department is responsible for the purchase of components which are needed for the assemblage of the PCBA’s  these components are selected following the BOM (Bill of Material) of the customer. This bom will also be converted to a BOM in our system where we link it to our stock. 


The production of our different products take place in Eastern-Europe and/or Asia. The scedule for this is controlled by our purchase department.

Solderwave Machine


Prolution’s aim is quality That’s why our quality department is so important . PCBA’s are thouroughly inspected and when ready they are sent to the customer. 

Quality Control


With 500 m2 we have sufficient space to store batches, Ready to be sent to the customer. 


For questions, please contact us on +31 (0) 528 340502 (also available via WhatsApp) or send an email to info@prolution.nl.

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