Prolution also supplies the parts that are needed for housings and products. These are some of the production-methods we use to be able to make a durable and unique product:

  • plastic deformation techniques like vacuumforming and blowmolding
  • Metalworking 
  • injection molding of several plastics and aluminium
  • Extrusion of several plastics and aluminium

Surface treatments like anodizing, coating, powdercoating and printing are of course also possible – these treatments will give your product that unique appearance!


Turning- and Milling

Injection Molding

Set and Punching Techniques

Welding and Construction Techniques

Semi-Finished Products

Prolution has direct contact with a Chinese battery-factory , that can produce standard as wel as professional battery packs.

Prolution supplies several cables and wiring Harnesses, where we are also able to think with you about client specific connector-solutions , including waterproofing solutions compiant to IP67 or IP69-norms.

Prolution supplies housings of which we take care of the development, mold and delivery of the housing according to the wishes of the customer.


Standard and tailor-made panels are possible.

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