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In recent months it has become noticeable that delivery from Asia causes delays. The problem on the Suez Canal is one reason for this, but a shortage of containers and ships and higher docking times are also major causes. And the tightening environmental requirements and higher transport costs don’t make it fun either. All in all very annoying.

But we have the solution for you!

Prolution has been doing it for years, producing in Eastern Europe. Together with various partners, we ensure that you receive high-quality products affordably and quickly. Electronics (PCBAs), housings, mechanics, semi-finished and total products are possible.

The advantages of producing in Eastern Europe through us:
• A one-stop-shop: from purchasing, production to delivery.
• Affordable;
• Short delivery time;
• Low transport costs and / or direct delivery to your location;
• Good quality products;
• A contactperson;
• Up-2-date process status;
• Existing network;
• Consultation in own language (NL);
• Electronics and mechanics;
• Smaller numbers or delivery in batches possible;
• Available from stock in consultation;
• Fast switching with Eastern Europe.

Interested? Please contact us.

E-mail: or telephone: 0528-340502

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